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Povídky Meg Cabot - rozcestník

22. března 2010 v 20:31 | Susannah

Povídky pro děti

Another All American Girl
Connie "Hunter" Williams, Psychic Teacher

Povídky pro dospívající

Allie Finklestein's Rules for Boyfriends (kniha: Shining On)
Digger Number 5 (kniha: Queen of Teen)
Princess Prettypants (kniha: Zombies vs. Unicorns)
The Exeterminator's Daughter (kniha: Prom Nights from Hell)
The Night Hunter (kniha: Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror)
The Protectionist (kniha: What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur)

Povídky pro dospělé

Cry Linda, Cry: Judy Blume's Blubber and the Cruelest Thing in the World (kniha: Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume)
Party Planner (kniha: Girls' Night In)
Reunion (kniha: Girls' Night Out)
The Christmas Captive (kniha: A Season in the Highlands; jako Patricia Cabot)

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